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Anal Foreplay Ideas

Anal sex is low-key very high maintenance. In theory, all you have to do is put a penis or object into someone’s anus — but that doesn’t always go smoothly, literally and figuratively. Read More

The Refinery

Best Outdoor Sex Positions

Outdoor sex isn’t just for through-hikers on the Appalachian Trail or teenagers trying to find a place to hook up away from their parents — having sex outside can be exhilarating and wild for lots of couples.  Read More

The Refinery

Rabbit Vibrator Adult Sex Toys

You can’t really have a conversation about Rabbit vibrators without some mention of Sex and the City, because the iconic sex toy made its debut in a 1998 episode, cleverly titled “The Turtle and the Hare.” Read More…

The Refinery

How to Tell your Partner you have an STI

Early on in relationships, it can feel like you have to be careful and strategic about what information to divulge to your partner and when. This is particularly true when it comes to sexual health… Read More…


Stress Affects Sex Life

Sex is a stress reliever — it increases endorphins and can lower your blood pressure. Does too much stress ruin your love life? It’s entirely possible. Stress produces the hormone cortisol, which can weaken your sex driveRead More…

Pain Medicine

Sex Lives Often Derailed by Chronic Pain and Its Treatments

Sex is arguably the most powerful human drive, and it is of central importance in spousal relations. However, outside the world of commerce, sex generally is considered to be a private matter, and often one of embarrassment or some combination thereof. Read More…

Thought Catalog

10 Tips To Upgrade Your Sex Life (That Actually Work)

As a Certified Sex Therapist, I work with individuals and couples in therapy. I have worked with people who have been dating a few months, to couples who have been married for 50 years. Read More…

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Jazz Jennings becomes new face of Clean & Clear

This is natural beauty at its finest. Clean & Clear named 14-year-old transgender teen advocate Jazz Jennings the face of a new ad campaign “See the Real Me.” The campaign will obviously promote skin care products but also doubles as a call-to-action series driven by social media, asking people to send in personal stories using the hashtag #SeeTheRealMe to promote natural beauty.

Read More…


Alfresco Sex

Duvet groans on Love Island, lap dances on Ryanair, the couple on trial for devouring more than a pepperoni sausage on a Domino’s pizza counter. Read More…

Best Life Online

11 Easy Ways To Make Her Feel Extra Special—Tonight

While there’s nothing wrong with grand romantic gestures, a surprise trip to Turks and Caicos requires a lot more time, money, and effort than a few things that you can do this very evening that will make her feel special, respected, considered, and loved. Below are eleven such things. Read More…

Best Life Online

12 Things That Men Should Always Do After Sex

We know what to do before sex. And we know what to do during sex. But what about after sex? Yes, just like the secrets to being pre-coitally charming—and knowing exactly what moves and when to pull in the middle of things—the moments after sex are just as important. In fact, according to women and sex experts that we spoke with, most men overlook practicalities, opportunities for connection, and unmet…needs. Read More…

iHeart Radio

Keeping it Sexy….Sex Therapy

Sex is always a hot topic and on this show we will learn more about elevating our intimacy! Tune in as we talk about Sex… with Sex Therapist, Kristen Lilla, LCSW. This show is broadcast live on W4CY Radio – ( part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network ( Read More…

Best Life Online

The 11 Things Men Should Never (Ever) Do After Sex

There’s oodles of information about what we can do to increase the chances of sex happening, and countless more advice columns and help articles about how best to comport ourselves during the act itself. Interestingly, though, there’s not much serviceable information about what guys ought to do after sex…Read More…

The Reader

Sexperts: Kristen Lilla

Interview with Kristen Lilla, MSW, LCSW, CST, one of only four certified sex therapists in Nebraska. Lilla is in private practice at Omaha Sex Therapy, where she provides therapy services to both individuals and couplesRead More…


5 Reasons Feminism Must Address Ableism

Lately, feminists have been calling attention to the need for intersectional feminism — a form of feminism that considers how women of color, LGBT women, and other marginalized groups might experience sexism differently from how a straight, white, cisgender woman would….Read More…

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