Frequently Asked Questions

What is sex therapy?
Sex therapy is therapy that focuses on relationship and intimacy issues.   Kristen Lilla is a professional and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator, as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Therapy will take place via telehealth services that are HIPPA compliant.  Please note, this is a professional service and there will never be any nudity or sexual activities.

How long is a session?
All sessions with Kristen Lilla are 50-minutes long.  However, longer sessions are available by request for an additional fee.  Day long intensive sessions may also be scheduled if prior arrangements are made.

How long does therapy take to solve my problem?
This varies person to person, and relationship to relationship.  People start therapy in different places in their lives and everyone has different coping skills and strengths to help them work through issues.   Some people are able to resolve their issues more quickly, while others benefit from staying in therapy longer.

I am not in a relationship; can I still participate in sex therapy?
Absolutely!  While many people come to sex therapy with a partner, many individuals find that doing therapy alone, while they are not in a relationship, allows them to focus more on their problems and reach their goals. It also prepares them to be a better partner in the future.

I am in a relationship but my partner does not want to participate in therapy, can I still participate in sex therapy?
Absolutely!  You may be struggling with issues from your past that are hindering your current relationship.  Coming to therapy alone, regardless of being in a relationship or not, makes you your best self.  While therapy can be halted at times when a partner is unwilling to engage in therapy, an individual can still learn and accomplish goals in a therapeutic setting that can contribute to making the relationship healthier and stronger.

What areas does Kristen specialize in?
Kristen specializes in working with the LGBTQ+ community, kink-aware issues (fetishes), premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido, and more. Please see Specialties for a complete list of topics that are within Kristen’s scope.

Can I use insurance to pay for my therapy sessions?
Unfortunately, Kristen does not accept medical insurance.  All fees are due at the time of service.  Many people do not wish to disclose their sexual issues to their insurance provider.  Additionally, insurance companies typically do not cover sexually related diagnoses. If you choose to submit a claim to your insurance, Kristen can provide you documentation of all attended sessions and fees paid.

Do you prescribe medications?
No. Only a medical doctor can prescribe medications. However, Kristen is able to make a referral to an appropriate doctor if you want/need medications.

Is my session confidential?
All sessions with Kristen Lilla are confidential unless written permission is given to the therapist to discuss an issue with someone else (such as a medical doctor).  Please note, that certain laws require a therapist to break confidentiality, such as child sexual abuse or threats of suicide/homicide.

I’m interested in a career in sexuality. How can I learn more?
If you’d like to get involved or do supervision to become an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist or AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator, please contact Kristen directly. She would be happy to discuss supervision opportunities with her. You can also check out aasect.org to learn more about a career in sexuality.

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