What is sex Therapy?

Kristen Lilla Sex Therapy

Nearly two thirds of men and women will experience sexual issues at some point during their lives.  Sexual issues may be influenced by cancer, sexual orientation, anxiety, an affair, sexual trauma, or lack of confidence.   Sex therapy is a specialized area of psychotherapy used to address and understand these issues.  It frequently goes hand-in-hand with marriage and couples counseling and commonly addresses a wealth of other issues that may be intertwined. While couples may choose to do therapy with their partner to examine the challenges within their situation, many individuals have a partner unwilling to engage in therapy, or choose to address their personal issues without being involved with a partner.

Treatment strategies vary within therapy and are based on each individual’s personal situation.  Everyone’s situation is different and Kristen can help guide you through your own intimate journey.  Kristen Lilla utilizes a variety of treatment strategies including sex education, cognitive behavioral therapy, differentiation, mindfulness, and a strengths-based approach. Ultimately, sex therapy utilizes an approach that is solution focused, which means it is heavily influenced by goals and requires client’s to make an investment in themselves. Kristen is always willing to adapt treatment strategies to meet client’s where they are at.

Kristen Lilla provides sessions that offer educational techniques and tools to help individuals overcome the issues they are struggling with.   Sex therapy is designed to meet individuals where they are at and guide them to resolution.  As your story unfolds within therapy, Kristen’s goal is to assist in growth and create strategies that lead to more satisfying personal and intimate relationships.  Kristen Lilla is a huge proponent of providing resources to clients that they can utilize in-between sessions.  Please note, there will never be any nudity or sexual behavior in sessions and it is against the AASECT and NASW Code of Ethics, as well as the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.



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